How to Remove Viruses and Spyware Using MSCONFIG

Looking for ways to keep your PC safe and improve its performance? While getting regular Windows updates and Service Pack downloads can help you keep your PC problems
free, online threats or systemic errors can crawl into your computer even with antivirus programs installed. There are some tried and tested measures that you can adopt, and one easy trick you’ll be learning today is to use MSCONFIG to manually remove unwanted files and malicious programs permanently. Don’t worry! It doesn’t take an expert to run these procedures, just a little common sense. First things first – don’t go deleting stuff you’re not sure about. It is important that you bear this in mind when editing Program Files that hold your Startup Programs or Registry keys.
Most users recognize signs of virus infection when it’s too late. Remember that when your installed antivirus starts probing you for updates or the full version, there is a good chance that you are vulnerable to Internet threats or systemic errors that are preventable. A lot of times, the antivirus is unable to remove malicious programs that were already on the computer before it was installed. Backing up data and running a clean format before you install antivirus software is absolutely essential. Most attacks occur via the browser, so you need to check your browser firewall settings to make sure that you have the adequate level of protection. There might be cases where your antivirus quarantines safe files or starts flagging genuine applications as malicious. Using MSCONFIG is a perfectly safe way to check program permissions and resolve false positives while running your computer in safe mode.
Restart your computer in safe mode. Then go to the Start menu and type “MSCONFIG” in the Run bar. Here, you will see tabs that provide access to various parts and processes that Windows uses. The tab you are interested in is on the far right, it s called “Startup”. It controls which processes start automatically when Windows loads. Virus ridden programs sometimes go undetected because they disable the antivirus scan just while the computer is starting up. You will see the name of start-up item and where the item is located on the hard drive and registry location. Using the check boxes provided, you can remove items from startup or delete them permanently. To know which processes are safe to remove, you can download an Autorun that lists all the startup programs for Windows.
Once you have applied these changes to the startup program list, you can restart your computer. The System Configuration Utility will display a list of programs that
you have disabled once your computer restarts. It is recommended that along with manually removing suspicious and unwanted programs, you have an up-to-date antivirus program installed along with tools for disk de-fragmentation and PC maintenance. Considering an easy way out? Try getting online tech support to remove viruses and spyware.
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Increase Your Vibration . . . Change Your Life!

Did you know that you can achieve your dreams using mind power or thought energy enhanced and strengthened with the natural energy of plant extracts, meditation, and affirmations? The life force energy of the blood of the plant can help you focus and amplify the energy of your thoughts to better communicate with your inner self, connecting with the creative power of the Universe. Numerous studies and diagnostic procedures provide scientific validation of the existence of measurable energy radiating from essential oils, thoughts, and emotions.
Physicists have proven that everything in the universe that appears solid is actually composed of swirling molecules. Einstein’s equation E = mc2 states that all matter is energy. These molecules are vibrating at different frequencies. Therefore all matter, including our bodies and entire life force, is a standing wave of pulsating energy. The vibrational frequency of this pulsating energy (the number of oscillations per second) is measured in Hertz, named after the nineteenth-century German physicist Heinrich Rudolph Hertz (1857–1894). As a Hertzian wave is generated and travels out from its source, the wave transfers energy to the objects through which it passes. This is one of the reasons that a happy and confident person walking into a room has a positive effect on the people present. His or her high vibration has an uplifting impact on everyone within its reach.
On the basis of the knowledge of the different frequencies of energy that can be measured emanating from the human body, a lot can be determined about our states of health, both physical and emotional. One of the most common diagnostic tools is the electrocardiogram (EKG). The electrical energy coming from the heart can give doctors information about whether the heart is functioning properly. The measurement of the beating heart’s electrical energy is actually vibrational medical analysis in its most basic form.
Dr. David Hawkins concluded from a 20-year study of kinesiologic calibrations that a person’s mental state can have a profound effect on the condition of his or her body. He created an arbitrary scale that mapped the energy of human consciousness. Any state, attitude, or emotion that causes a person to vibrate at a frequency below 200 on the Hawkins scale weakens the body, and from 200 to 1,000, strengthens it. He determined the lowest emotional vibration rate to be shame. A shameful thought weakens the person. Higher on the scale, but below 200, are guilt, apathy, grief, fear and anxiety, craving, anger, and hate. Love, joy, and peace move up the scale, with enlightenment at the top in the 700 to 1,000 range.
Clearly our objective should be to experience these higher vibrational emotions in order to maintain optimum health and let go of uncomfortable negative emotions and limiting thought patterns. Not only can our mental states affect the conditions of our bodies, they can also affect the achievement of our goals and determine the kind of life experiences we attract. The natural energy surrounding us can be used to change our personal lives, increase our businesses, or attract a soul mate.
When the highest and fastest frequencies replace lower and slower frequencies, they eradicate problems of many kinds. With a little effort you can increase your vibration, transform your emotional state, and change your life. You can create a conscious healing partnership between you, your higher self, divine intelligence, and the creative energy of the Universe.
The concept of vibrational healing utilizes the Universal Life Force to maintain balance within the energy field of the human body. This energy field can be modified, balanced, and enhanced to attract unlimited abundance, prosperity, and inner peace through meditation, affirmations, conscious intention, and the inhalation of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.
Clinical research shows that essential oils, containing the life force energy of plants, have the highest frequency of any substance known to man (including food or herbs), creating an environment hostile to disease, bacteria, and viruses. These oils receive their energy from the sun through the process of photosynthesis and have a chemical structure that is similar to that found in human cells and tissues.
Many people have come to depend on oils for their ability to eliminate health concerns, increase vitality, promote a feeling of emotional well-being, expand spiritual horizons, and improve creativity and mental functioning. According to ancient texts, oils were used for every condition from gout to a “broken head,” referring to mental illness.
There are many easy methods of application, but two of the most popular involve inhalation or topical techniques, such as massage on the area of concern or the nerve endings on the hands or bottoms of the feet. I always keep a collection of oil bottles in my desk which make up my Energy Tune-Up Kit. If I am having trouble concentrating or am experiencing writer’s block, I wave a bottle of cedarwood under my nose. A computer or other stressful problem calls for a whiff of lavender. A drop of peppermint on the back of the neck will zap a headache in seconds. Everyone will develop their own favorites, but I find that frankincense is a good oil to put in a diffuser during meditation, or if I want an uplifting experience for a longer period, I put a drop of rosewood or sandalwood in a diffuser pendant that I conveniently wear around my neck. The pendant is an excellent way to enjoy the benefit of a small amount of oil for longer periods.
Each plant has a unique energetic pattern or vibration and has been used for centuries for its role in natural healing. Clinical research shows that essential oils can quickly raise the frequency of the human body, restoring mental, emotional, and physical well-being. High-vibration pure oils, such as rose (highest frequency of all), helichrysum, and lavender, for instance, enable the user to feel happier and experience thoughts that will attract an abundance of all that is good.
Not only will medicinal essential oils raise your vibration, but because of their effect on the limbic system of the brain, they may help combat depression, reduce stress, and improve your mental clarity and focus. Oils can also help release negative energy that is not in harmony with your highest good. Beware of perfume-quality oils or oils with chemical additives, which can actually lower your vibration and cause physical side effects, such as headaches or skin reactions.
Frequencies that surround us influence our state of well-being and our ability to attract either good or bad experiences. Low-vibration, negative thinking and emotional states (depression, sadness, grief, etc.) promote more of the same, unless some positive change occurs in the person’s thinking and perceptions. Like attracts like, and we create our existence with our thoughts.
Remember that with these simple and readily available tools, you have the ability to increase your vibration and access the highest and fastest energies for the purpose of ridding yourself of problems, improving your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, and achieving success in life. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish with a 20-minute meditation and a few drops of essential oil, such as frankincense. Learn this simple technique, and take control of your life!
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How To Write Funny Stuff?

There is no better way to lighten somebody’s mood than make them read some really funny stuff. Humor is extremely contagious. The echo of roaring hilarity is far more infectious than a sniffle, sneeze or cough. Laughter when shared binds people and increases intimacy and happiness. Here are some tips on how to write something funny or start a funny blog-

Making Fun

No one likes to laugh at themselves but people love stuff which makes them laugh at others, especially the one who is the butt of the joke. Hence, it’s really funny if the writer makes fun of his or her eccentricities, bad habits, weaknesses, lack of self-control, and the like.

Think Like A Teenager

Quit being ‘proper’ and don’t be ashamed of using cheap stuff and words like boogers, farting, pants peeing, and the like. For more ideas, watch crazy stuff and movies of funny actors such as Jim Carey and Will Ferell.

Write The Complete Opposite Of What The Audience Is Expecting

People normally expect clich├ęs. That’s why writing about stuff like slipping on a banana peel isn’t very hilarious. But whining about stupid stuff like a jerk boss or an ex-flame will sound really funny.

Use Funny Words

Bombastic or hi-fi vocabulary makes the readers feel confused and mentally un-gifted, turning perfectly funny stuff to something offensive. Hence it’s better to not use complicated words. Instead, make use of simple words which sound funny. Normally, words that have a hard ‘K’ are funny. Like for example, Kansas sounds funnier than Maine (geographically speaking).

Just Remember: it is the sound of the word being used, not its meaning which makes it sound.

Find Creative Options For Abusive Words

Using curse words is the laziest way to get a laugh, and these words only produce laughs from the readers who aren’t offended. Finding some creative alternatives for abuses does not only prevent the writer from sounding offending, it will also generate more laughs.


Exaggeration is a great tool to create funny stuff. For instance, the word gazillion sounds really funny, only because it’s an exaggeration.

Write On Topics Which Make People Really Uncomfortable

The things that normally make people really uncomfortable are sex, death, farting, burping or similar bodily functions, embarrassment, and weakness. The writer is particularly funny if he or she can discover a way to thread a bunch of these topics together.

Use Common Phrases To Induce Wackiness

For instance, a phrase like “You can’t make this stuff up!” is very helpful if a writer is writing something that could very well be made up, but isn’t actually. Also avoid confusing the readers by taking the post in bizarre directions. For instance, if the one thinks that George W. Bush is brainless, bring in that idea in the very first paragraph and then use the next ten paragraphs to build up to a climax that proves that he in fact is brain less.

Never feel forced to follow book stuff like proper grammar, capitalization or spellings while writing funny stuff. What’s more important than following rules is the abundant usage of abbreviations and smiley’s to hammer in the point to the audience. Also, be natural and don’t try to copy anyone. People like writers who have their own original way of thinking.